About Holly

I’m Holly, the DIY-er and party planning enthusiast behind Legally Crafty. I started this venture as an escape from billable hours and legal research during a few years of big law firm life. After deciding to leave billable hours behind to work in learning and development, I’ve found more time for celebrating the everyday with my friends, family, and my hubby Chris, who makes appearances on the blog (mostly as a hand model).

This Esq. (a fancy way to say I’m still a licensed attorney) absolutely loves DIY and documenting how you can put together décor and gatherings on a budget. My biggest Pinterest pet-peeve is finding a great idea and having no idea where to start! Whenever possible, I highlight where my supplies were purchased from, approximately how much they cost, and tips and tricks for how to re-create the look as easily as possible.

The goal of Legally Crafty is to provide you with some inspiration on crafts and get-togethers that won't cost you a fortune.

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Along the way, you’ll probably pick up on my love for shopping my own house to use items in a new way, my obsessive stalking of clearance sections, and my true love for celebrating every season, holiday, and life event! Along with my own crafts and parties, you may also see fun ideas from selected guest contributors who share the same passions.

I’ve also learned that while I may inspire DIYer types, there are some people who love the Pinterest look, but find it intimidating to create on their own. That’s why I love hosting private DIY classes and offering party planning services. Don’t hesitate to enlist my help! Making your vision come to life is so much fun!

Happy reading and crafting!


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