Hocus Pocus: DIY Planter Witch Legs

One of my favorite parts of Fall is all of the changing leaves, the pumpkins, and picking out mums for our front steps. 

This year, I wanted to do something to make them even more festive heading into Halloween. I've been a fan of witch legs and the fun ways I've seen them used in fireplaces, wreaths, and under doors. Although many places sell them, I set out to do them DIY style.

These DIY Witch Legs are so fun to pop in your fall mums! Click here for the full tutorial and supply list. #diyhallween #halloweendecorations #halloweenplanter #fallmums #halloweencrafts

What You Need

  • Pool Noodle ($1-$3 at various retailers)

  • Striped Socks ($1 Target Dollar Spot)

  • Old pair of boots (Thrift store or your closet)

  • Wood Yard Stakes ($4 for a 12 pack at Home Depot, may be able to find some for cheaper)

  • Saw or sharp knife

  • Mums or fall planted pot

Supplies needed for DIY witch legs. #halloweencrafts #halloweendiy

Start by cutting two pieces of your pool noodle. I eyeballed it based on how far I wanted the legs to stick out of my mums. I would guess each leg was about 14-18 inches in length. I used our circular saw because it was out in the garage, but you can also cut through with a sharp knife or hand saw.

DIY witch legs are made easy with thrift store boots, pool noodles, and striped socks. #diyhalloween #halloweencrafts #halloweendiy #witchlegs

Take your two pool noodle pieces and slip on your socks. I grabbed a pair of kids socks from the Target Dollar Spot. They were the perfect size and only $1! 

To be honest, my husband just snapped off the ends over his knee. You can be a little more precise than that method! Leave a few inches of stake out to place the legs into the dirt of your chosen plant. Tuck any excess sock into the hole around the stake. Add on your thrift store or dust collecting boots onto the top and add them into the pot!

DIY witch legs make fall mum planters even more fun. #halloweendiy #halloweencrafts #halloweendecor #diyhalloweendecorations
DIY witch legs make fall mum planters more festive! #halloweencrafts #halloweendiy #halloweendecorations

An easy and fun way to add some Halloween flair to your fall plants! Can't wait to have little trick-or-treaters see them!

Looking for other fun DIY Halloween ideas? I was excited to see this project included in a fun round-up of other easy to execute projects on Crafts By Ria! Be sure to check the post out here!