Creating a Care Package: A Get Well Kit Made Easy

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It is always difficult to know how to best support a friend or family member who has to have surgery or who will be spending an extended period of time recovering from injury or illness. 

Showing those you love the most that you care during what can be a scary and difficult time is easier than you think. This summer two people close to me had to go into the hospital for surgery. With great help and suggestions from other friends and family, we put together some "get well" kits that were great for time in the hospital and during at-home recovery.

Sadly, I only have a photo of one of the kits and it's not even fully put together (what kind of blogger am I?), but I decided it was still worth sharing the idea! Listed below are some categories of items that you may want to consider when putting your care package together.

Entertainment for Recovery Time

Word Finds, Sudoku Puzzles, or Crossword Puzzles: 

There are tons of these at your local dollar store and you can select ones that have themes that your friend or family member might enjoy. Toss in some fun pens as well!

Adult Coloring Books: 

These are all of the rage these days. You can find them almost anywhere. Make sure to include some colored pencils as well!


If your friend or family member loves trashy gossip, grab some People and US Weekly. If you've got a cook on your hands, try grabbing some magazines like Food Magazine or Cooking Light. For the home enthusiast, I'd recommend HGTV Magazine and Real Simple. If you like, mix it up with a combination! Don't forget about fitness magazines, sports magazines, or more serious news and business magazines. Costco and Sam's Club are great places to pick up magazines for reduced prices.

Cards, Puzzles, Other Games: 

Mini-games can also be a good addition. For one of the kits I helped assemble, I grabbed a mini-jenga game and I grabbed a mini-puzzle for the other. Other ideas include a deck of cards, Old Maid, Bingo, etc.

Items to Help Them Feel Refreshed

Face Wipes: 

If you have a hospital stay ahead or a surgery that doesn't allow for real baths or showers for a few days, you can start to feel icky. Pick up some disposable face wipes. You can get plain ones at Target or they also carry some in fun scents like Cucumber, Vanilla, Lavender, and other combos.

Face Masks:

Target, Ulta, and other retailers also sell individual face mask packets that can be entertainment and refreshing.

Fun Hair Ties: 

This one is more likely for the ladies in your life. Throw in some fun ones!

New PJs:

Let's face it. It's no fun to be stuck in recovery mode when all of your friends and family are out and about having fun. At least a new pair of comfy PJs or sweatpants might make it a little better. Consider what kind of PJs might be most convenient if the person you are buying for may have to change out bandages or will have a scar that might be irritated by having a band of elastic over it. Also think about including slippers or comfy socks.

Fun Cup/Water Bottle & Straws: 

Post-surgery or during a difficult illness, many people are focused on drinking water or other liquids to recover. Hospital chicken broth is pretty drab, so providing some fun paper straws or a fun cup to drink it out of makes it a little better.

I am sure there are other great ideas, but this is a nice list to get your started! Keep in mind that you should avoid things like candy, other food items, or anything else that might be restricted during this time.

I love a good flower bouquet or balloons, but this is a unique alternative and these items can be put to use! Once you've gathered up your goodies, pick up a basket or gift bag to package them up in and deliver to your loved one!