Cupid Approved: DIY Boho Arrows

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am excited to get some seasonal fun back into my decor. After Christmas, the house always seems so bare. But, I love a fresh new start to the year, full of new decor and ideas!

Last year, we were busy updating the wall over our fireplace with some DIY shiplap, so I didn't really have a chance to do Valentine decor. In the past, I've stuck with traditional reds and pinks, but this year I wanted to have more of a neutral spin on my decor.

I've been enjoying the farmhouse/boho/neutral trends lately and thought, why not apply that to Valentine's Day!? This is one of the two DIY projects, I made for our mantel. Make sure to check out all of my mantel styling tips and easy sunburst wreath, too

Make these boho arrows that are sure to be cupid approved Valentine's Day decor. Click here for the supply list and tutorial!

What You Need

  • Wood Kabob Skewers

  • Wood Beads

  • Feathers

  • Burlap or other fabric

  • Vase of your choosing

  • Hot Glue

  • Scissors

Burlap, white feathers, wood beads, and wood skewers.

To start, I picked up a small glass belly vase for $2.99 at my local Goodwill. You can use any clear glass vase for this. Thrift stores are a great place to grab a deal on this kind of item if you don't already have something around the house. However, you can always check out places like Target, Home Goods, and World Market for reasonably priced vases in this style.

The height of your vase will depend on what you use for the base of your arrow. I made sure mine was small enough to use wood kabob skewers. You can find these in the kitchen section of your local Target or at your local grocery store. A large pack of these runs between $1-$2.

Next, I added a mixture of wooden beads on to the skewers. I picked up this pack for a few dollars in Walmart's craft section. The beads fit onto the skewers tight enough that I didn't need to add anything additional to secure them in place. However, if you find that they are a little lose, just fill the bottom bead hole with a little hot glue.

Add wooden beads to skewers to start your own boho arrow decorations.

At the top of the skewer, I glued on two white feathers. In retrospect, I might have done gold or gold tipped feathers since I have them displayed on a white background, but the price was right on these!

Adding burlap, feathers, and wooden beads to a skewer make boho arrow decor easy!

At the end of each skewer, I cut a square of burlap fabric and then cut it in half to make a triangle. A dab of hot glue or two is all you need to attach them. You can use any material you like to make the arrow.

Burlap cut to triangles make a perfect arrow tip.

Arrange the arrows in your jar and and you've got your own set of Cupid's boho arrows to display!

DIY arrows make perfect Valentine's decor in a thrifted glass jar.