Gifts to Sip: DIY Snowman Cocoa Kit

Anyone else working on some last minute gifts?! No matter how far in advance I plan each year -- and I really tried, this year -- there always ends up being a few last minute gifts that need to come together.

Perhaps a quick gift for a neighbor, co-worker, boss, you name it!

A few months ago, I saw some really cute snowman hot cocoa sets at a local shop I love going to, but they were a little more expensive than I had hoped. It got my wheels turning though, and I set out to make my own version!


What You Need

  • Ikea Rajtan Spice Jars ($2.79 for a 4 pack) (or on Amazon)

  • Marshmallows

  • Peppermints

  • Cocoa

  • Hot Glue and/or Tape

  • Top Hat Ornament

  • Material or Ribbon for Scarf

  • Black & Orange paper or vinyl


Step 1: Fill the Jars

Fill three of the four jars in the pack with the marshmallows, peppermints, and cocoa. I found it took about 4 packets of cocoa to fill the jar. I picked up all of the goodies at Dollar Tree, making these a really affordable gift. You can definitely get more jars and make a batch to give out! I had plenty of supplies leftover.


Step 2: Add Snowman Face & Buttons

To add the snowman face and buttons, you'll need black & orange cardstock or vinyl. I used vinyl I had from an Amazon pack I recently purchased. I used some of the colors to to create a Kool-Aid pitcher for my 1980s birthday partyand some fun winter mugs coming soon to the blog!

Although you could use a Cricut to cut these out, I decided to just use a hole punch to cut the circles and then freehand cut the carrot nose. Peel back the vinyl and apply just like a sticker.If you use cardstock, apply with glue.


Step 3: Stack the Jars & Secure

Next, you'll want to stack the jars for the snowman effect. First stack the peppermints, then the cocoa, and finish off with the marshmallows. You can hot glue them together, but twisting the jars off might be a little more complicated (although, it can be done). You can also just add some tape. I'd recommend something stronger like duct tape so it stays together.


Step 4: Add Accessories

I picked up this cute top hat ornament from Dollar Tree to add to the top jar. I also had some ribbon on hand that made the perfect little scarf. Tie it on and you've got a little snowman hot cocoa gift!