Girl's Night How To: "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things"

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I don't know you about you, but after all of the fun festivities of the holidays are over there isn't a whole lot on the calendar to count down to. That lull after the holidays is a perfect time to try out that party hosting idea you pinned a long time ago! For our monthly Girl's Night Out or as we call it, GNO, my friend Emily and I co-hosted a "Favorite Things" party. Emily nabbed this great idea from a co-worker and there are so many different ways you can go with it!

The premise of the party is for everyone invited to bring some favorite things of theirs and party-goers will leave with other people's favorite things to take home and experience themselves! For our party, we asked the ladies to bring two different items, each under $10. On our invite we said it could be anything from beauty products to cleaning supplies! 

We ended up with a great variety of items: a succulent pot, unique cooking spices, candles, a travel perfume solution, stainless steel cleaning wipes, a car airfreshner, candles, and more! 

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Here's how it worked. Guests can bring the items unwrapped. As they arrived, we took the item and displayed it on a table with a number. Numbers were also written out and placed into a box to draw from later. We began with the person who had the birthday closest to that day. Each person drew two numbers. If your item was drawn you explained to the group why the item is so glorious. It was so great to learn about so many different things!

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The great thing about this kind of gathering is that you can really make up your own rules. You could increase the item numbers, you could have people bring a couple of the same item or stick with different items and you could increase or decrease the price limit. If you are looking to make the party more themed, you could also limit the items to a certain category like beauty prodcts or cleaning supplies. Our group talked about doing a version with wine at a future gathering!

Make sure to also have some snacks and wine on hand. It makes for an even more fun night with girlfriends.