Oh the Places You'll Craft: DIY Dr. Seuss Book Wreath

I am so excited to start sharing the details of the Dr. Seuss themed baby shower I threw for my friend Emily! There are so many fun projects and ideas that you can incorporate into your gathering based on all of the wonderful stories Dr. Seuss wrote!

I'll be revealing all of the details of the party soon, but first will be sharing a couple of Seuss DIYs that you could use for any party occasion!

I generally have some kind of wreath or door sign on display on my front door at all times, so when planning the baby shower, I thought it would be fun to have a wreath and welcome sign on the door. (It was especially helpful for the guests who hadn't been to my home before, as the decor let them know they were in the right place!) In doing a little Pinterest research for the party, I was inspired by this post from The Style Sisters and decided to give it a go in making my own version. 

What You Need

  • Old Dr. Seuss Books

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Scissors/Paper Cutter

  • Xacto Knife (optional)

  • Paper Plate

  • Glue Gun

  • Tape

Dr Seuss Wreath.jpg

To make the wreath, you'll need some old Dr. Seuss books that you don't mind deconstructing. Sometimes you get lucky and can find them at thrift stores, but I didn't have any luck there, so I turned to Craigslist. I found someone selling a set of used Seuss books for just $10. I tried to find a set that were well-loved, but had the pages mostly intact. It's best to avoid a set where anyone has spilled things on them or drawn on the pages.


To start, cut approximately 30 - 6 x 6 inch squares from book pages. Some of the books are just under 6 inches wide, so I just cut squares as close as possible. When selecting pages, choose colorful pages. I also mixed up the books I was using to get a variety of characters included.


I used my cutting slicer, but scissors will work just fine as well!


Once your squares are cut, you'll start rolling them into cones. This may take a bit of playing around to get the character showing that you want. Don't worry if the cones aren't all the same size. Close is good enough and you can always adjust if needed. When you have the square situated in a desireable cone shape, secure it with a piece of tape. Lucky for me, my mom was on hand to help! You can see her handy work and role as a hand model for the blog below.


To start assembling the wreath, create a base with a plain white paper plate. Cut around the plate so just the center circle remains. You could also create the circle with tag board or cardstock as well, but I had a paper plate around, so that helped with sizing! After cutting out the circle, use a hot glue gun to secure the cones to the plate. Make sure you have them facing out the right direction before securing! I ended up using 27 total cones.


After the glue dries, flip over the wreath and add your choice of book page to the circle middle. I had to go with Cat and the Hat! If you forget to trace the circle before you start gluing (like I did) you can use a Pyrex lid or something else that's a similar size as a tracing tool. A glue stick will do to attach the book page to the circle.


To hang the wreath, I used a 3M Command hook on the front door and hung it by one of the holes made by the cones in the back. I paired it with this fun welcome sign designed by Elva M Design Studio. Stay tuned for more of Meghan's adorable printables she made for this gathering and all of the party details!