Super Bowl Party Prep: A Mini Lombardi Trophy in Minutes

It seemed like just yesterday that my husband and his friends were kicking off fantasy football season! Now, here we are about a week away from Super Bowl festivities. I had so much fun putting together decor for the fantasy football draft, that we decided we should host a party for the big game, too.

Even if you don't care about the Patriots or the Falcons, who doesn't love a good occasion for delicious food, friends, and a funny commercial or two?!

I didn't want to just recycle the same items from the draft party, so I was on the hunt for some ideas. I came across a pin for an easy DIY Lombardi Trophy (the big prize for the Super Bowl champs) and decided to give it a try! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.25.15 PM.png

What You Need

  • Dollar Store Glass Vase (notice the shape below) 

  • Dollar Store Foam Football

  • Silver Spray Paint ($3.86 at Walmart)

  • Hot Glue Gun

If you happen to have the silver paint, the whole project is only $2! I didn't have any on hand, but around $5 wasn't bad either and I am certain I can use the leftover paint on future projects.


Step 1: Spray Paint the Vase and Football

At almost 40 degrees in Minnesota, I thought I could spray paint in the garage. Turns out, as the temperature fluctuated it was still a little too cold for the paint to dry properly. Once I moved everything inside, it dried just fine. Also, remember to spray in layers. Sometimes I get carried away with spray paint and it doesn't dry evenly. My last tip on this step is to elevate the vase between two pieces of scrap wood to avoid any stickiness or pooling of the paint.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.27.13 PM.png

Step 2: Hot Glue the Football to the Vase

Heat up that hot glue gun and secure the football on top. Be careful not to let additional glue drip down the side of the vase. If some undesired glue does get on the vase, let it dry and it will easily peel off.


 Step 3: You've Got Decor!

Use your finished trophy for a centerpiece or an award for the winner of Commercial Bingo or Football Squares.