The "Power" of Love: A DIY Detail Your Wedding Guests Will Rave About! (Free Printable!)

The holiday season may be over, but engagement season has just begun! Anyone else see some pretty rings on their social media feeds the past few weeks? I know I did! I am so excited for all of the couples just starting out their wedding planning adventure! Chris and I had so much fun planning our wedding and I hope even one of my posts recapping our special day is of help to a couple currently planning their big day!

For this week's post, I am featuring a really simple detail that received rave reviews from our guests and was an idea born in the midnight hour of planning. The wedding was quickly approaching, we were finalizing all of the details, and my tech junkie of a groom had a great idea: a phone charging station! 

While we decided to have an unplugged ceremony, we were happy to have guests taking and sharing photos during the reception. Between uploading photos to our wedding hashtag and having some Chicago Cubs fans streaming the division championship game during the dance, guests were excited to find a place to charge up that phone battery.

What You Need


Setting up a station doesn't take much! I designed a sign and displayed it an Ikea 8 1/2 x 11 frame we already had at the house. Similar frames are available for under $3. 

We also used an extension cord and power strip that we had around the house. These items can be purchased at a local Home Depot, Target or Walmart for less than $10 a piece.

The phone chargers were also extras we had on hand. With Chris having an Android phone and me having an iPhone, we were able to cover both bases. Charger costs have come down a lot (even for iPhones), so you could certainly purchase a few, if needed. Otherwise, ask around to see if friends and family have extras you could borrow.

This is a DIY detail that doesn't take too much effort, shouldn't cost you a lot, and is so appreciated by your guests. While the day is certainly about the bride and groom, thoughtful details go a long way and really impress your guests! 

The rewards for us were some great photos and candid videos that were sent our way or tagged using our wedding hashtag.