Wedding Guestbook Gone Global


As you are planning your wedding, I'd be shocked if at least once one of your parents doesn't say how different weddings are from when they got married. Twenty or thirty years ago, I don't think people gave a second thought to a guestbook. Every wedding I remember going to as a kid had a pretty standard guestbook where you signed your name. I'm pretty sure I was the dedicated niece manning the guestbook at a few weddings in my day. Now, as it seems with most every aspect of a wedding, the guestbook is another detail where couples get creative and show some personality.

Although all these little extra details can be fun, it can get a little overwhelming. The guestbook was an area that I really didn't have a vision for what I wanted and Chris didn't either. I think his main opinion was, don't overthink this too much, Holly! As with all things wedding planning, Pinterest was full of different ideas and having gone through a few years with a full wedding season, I'd seen a lot of ideas. I'd seen thumbprint trees, wooden states, a print to sign that would be hung on the couple's wall, recipe cards, and more! So many neat ideas out there! How were we going to choose an option that reflected us as a couple?

When I came upon the idea to do something with travel or bucket lists, it seemed like that would be the right direction to go. My hubby and I love to travel. In fact, I'm writing this post as we fly off to a long weekend adventure in California. Our moms also threw me a travel-themed bridal shower. When I came across a vintage atlas, things started coming together.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 10.10.59 AM.png

The atlas became our guestbook and I designed a sign to display along with it asking guests to sign somewhere in the atlas that they recommended we travel. It was so fun after the wedding to go through and read the sweet messages people wrote and look through their recommendations. I was surprise at the diversity of places that people selected. We also got a lot of not-so-subtle hints that some of our friends and family wouldn't mind visitors!


Like the idea? All you need is an atlas or map, sharpie markers, and a little sign. To download a sign, click here, and print in your preferred size.