Bridal Shower: Stocking the Kitchen For A Future Mrs.

I was extremely lucky to have three wonderful bridal showers thrown for me. My final shower was thrown by my aunts on my Dad's side of the family and my Dad's wonderful girlfriend. The group decided on a kitchen theme for the Saturday morning brunch!

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 4.49.54 PM.png

This group of ladies know that I love to cook and entertain! The invitations asked all invited guests to bring two of their favorite recipes. This was a great way for me to get some fun new things to try from Grinch Bread (this will be great for the holidays!) to Kielbasa Potato Hash. Guests dropped off their recipes in a little box near the guestbook -- a white platter turned well-wishes canvas. To make the messages permanent, I just had to bake the platter for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.


To kick off the shower, my aunts and Heidi made a selection of breakfast casseroles, a fruit bowl, and a variety of breads. There was also some bubbly to go around for mimosas.


The table was adorned with Mason jar centerpieces with some fall floral flair and wooden kitchen utensils. Chalkboard tags spelled out my name across the jars. An easy DIY centerpiece that perfectly fit the kitchen theme!


After brunching, the games kicked off! The first game embraced the kitchen theme. My aunt took me into a room away from all of the guests and had me put on an apron filled with kitchen items pinned onto it.


Guests had been given an piece of paper and a pen but no instructions. They were allowed to keep visiting among each other. I walked out into the room and didn't say anything about my apron. I walked the room a bit and after a quick minute or two, I was shuffled off into the other room. Guests were then told to try and write down as many things as they could remember that were on my apron. It was a lot of fun! The guest who had the most right won a prize. At the end of the shower, I got to keep all of the awesome kitchen items that were pinned on the apron and the apron, too!

The next game was a round of Mad Libs. We did them on almost every family vacation that involved a long car drive, so it was fun to make them a part of a bridal shower! Guests filled in the blanks and then I got to pick the winner who also received a prize. 


The morning wrapped up with a gift opening, which included a unique kitchen cake! It might not have been edible, but it was certainly adorable. It was put together with a bucket, paper towel holder, a roll of paper towels, flour sack towels, assorted kitchen washcloths and towels, various kitchen items, and some ribbon! You can pick up many of these items at a lower cost at Dollar Tree or retailers like Walmart or Target.


It was the perfect way to wrap up the pre-wedding festivities! Next up, wedding week!