Spooktacular Apothecary Jars

With our wedding quickly approaching, I've been diligently DIY-ing many of the details. I told myself, "No Halloween decor this year!" But, I just couldn't resist getting at least a little bit festive for one of my favorite holidays.

Whenever you want to add a little bit of holiday flair, look no further than filling a set of apothecary jars for instant decor. If you don't own a set of these yet, I highly recommend the investment. As I've mentioned in previous post featuring these jars, you can absolutely buy spendy ones at places like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. But, I picked up mine at Home Goods, each for under $20. If you use your Michael's coupons right, you can often get a good deal there as well.

On to this year's Halloween jar fillers!

Black & Orange Mesh Tubes: 

These were Dollar Tree finds ($1 each)! They also came in purple, but I decided to stick with just the two colors. I used something similar to fill my large jar with for Valentine's Day and really liked the look. It's cheap, easy, and they have a fun texture.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 5.02.11 PM.png

Plastic Eyeballs: 

Because I was going for more a "spooky" vibe this year, I picked up two packages of plastic eyeballs at Dollar Tree as well (also $1 each). Again, cheap and easy! These went into my skinniest jar.

IMG_3282 (Edited).JPG.jpg

Faux Spider Web & Plastic Spider Rings: 

For the last jar, I dug out some faux spider webbing I had leftover from our Halloween party last year. You can find this as a dollar store, Target, Walmart, or a craft store for anywhere from $1 - $3. I put some in the jar and placed spider rings I also had leftover from last year inside the web. If you need these, I recommend picking up a pack at Dollar Tree or Target. And, with that, I had a jar of spiders and their webs!


And, if I was going to do the jars, I might as well pull together a whole mantel, right?