Hangover Helper: DIY Kits for Your Wedding Guests

Hangover kits are becoming an increasingly popular detail at weddings and bachelorette parties. I first received one at a destination wedding I attended last year and found that the contents really came in handy, even if your need for the items didn't directly come from alcohol consumption.

With guests near and far staying at hotels for our wedding, I started putting together ideas for a hotel welcome kit (future post to come) and remembered how much I loved this idea! A quick search on Pinterest will lead to all kinds  of different ideas, but I decided to keep it simple.

What You Need

  • Paper or Muslin Bags (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)

  • Advil Packets (Dollar Tree or Amazon)

  • Band-aids (Target or other retailer)

  • Mints (Costco)

  • Crystal Light Packets (Target)

  • Red Cross Stamp (Hobby Lobby) or Printed Hangover Kit Tags (Etsy)

  • Red Stamp Pad (Hobby Lobby or Michaels)


You can get as crazy as you want with these. Etsy shops will go as far as putting these together for you and will charge several dollars for each one. Between a trip to the craft store, Target, Costco, and Dollar Tree, I had everything I needed to assemble mine for a lot less. (Shoutout to my mom who helped tremendously with the gathering of these items!!) 

First, I stamped the kraft paper bags with the red cross symbol. I opted not to get crazy with getting pre-printed bags or additional tags. There are some super cute tag lines to go with these, but at some point you just have to cut yourself off!


To assemble these, I put in the Advil packets and mints first and then set the bags upright in a box. As I added the additional item, I was able to easily drop them into the bags. I rounded out the bags with some electrolytes (the Crystal Light packets) and band-aids for blistered feet or any other use. The welcome kits will have bottles of water included, too.

After all of the bags were filled, I used copper washi tape to seal them up. Washi tape is available EVERYWHERE  -- craft stores, Target, Walmart, Etsy, etc. You can use it on anything and it comes off nicely without leaving marks. (Yes, even for temporarily putting things on the wall!) I ordered mine from Oriental Trading Company and got three rolls for about $5. It allowed me add a little flair with one of our wedding colors for a small cost. I didn't even use a full roll for this, so I have plenty leftover to use for other things.

These were a great addition to the welcome kit guests received upon arrival to our wedding weekend!