Late Nights & Laughs: Making Diaper Duty Fun

I think I may be in the midst of my own little baby boom. We've been welcoming so many little ones to the world between friends and family in the last year and 2017 is going to bring more bundles of joy! (No, not us yet!)

 I recently had the chance to help put together a little piece of my friend Nicky's baby shower. Nicky and I are good friends from college and share a love of the show The Bachelor and blogging. Nicky shared much of her pregnancy journey on her blog and if you know anyone who has struggled with a miscarriage or infertility, Nicky's posts may offer some comfort and perspective. Her openness and faith were inspiring to me!

With the struggles behind her, it was time to celebrate the pending arrival of baby boy! I was tasked with putting together some kind of hands on activity for shower guests. There are lots of good ideas out there, but I was on the hunt for something that didn't leave much of a mess since the shower was taking place indoors.

After a little searching and running it by the other gals planning the shower, I decided on Late Night Diapers. Meant to give new parents a laugh when doing those late night diaper changes, the activity tasks shower guests with writing funny messages on diapers. I whipped up a quick printable that you can download here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 11.46.07 AM.png

Other than a sign, you just need a basket full of diapers and markers to decorate with! Below are some of the finished diapers. Hopefully they bring a smile to the new parents' faces!