Ladies & Lipsense: Taking Your Facebook Party Offline

My first memory of any kind of party featuring a product line might date back to my mom having or being invited to a Tupperware party. Tupperware was all the rage and you can still find consultants selling it today. I also remember Longaberger basket parties and Pampered Chef parties (I love me some Pampered Chef!). Back in the day, ladies would gather together at someone's house for wine, snacks, laughs, and maybe buy a fun product or two.

Today, most of the parties like this are occurring on Facebook. I've recently been invited to a few parties online, and while it's great to be able to invite friends near and far, I still love a good old-fashioned in-person party if it works out to have one!

Recently, I've been invited to a few Lipsense parties online and I was skeptical. Like, could a lipstick really last all day?! YEP! It really can! I've gotten a few different colors, and while I don't wear it everyday, it is a super fun product! My red lip lasted all of New Year's Eve and didn't leave a mark on my champagne glass! My friend Mara was equally as skeptical when she was invited to a Lipsense party, but ordered some and also loved it. She wanted to host her own party, but like me, she loves a good in-person girls night, so she decided to take the party offline and have it the old-fashioned way -- at her house with wine and snacks. Plus, her setup and decor were too cute not to share!


Kiss Wall Art

Appropriate for the lipstick party, Mara created her own KISS wall art to put on her buffet where she was serving party drinks.

What You Need

  • Old Frame from Goodwill or 1'"x 2” boards from a home improvement store to make your own large frame.

  • Fabric

  • Staple Gun

  • Wood Craft Letters

  • Spray Paint 

Mara grabbed a large old frame from Goodwill and removed the glass and backing. If your Goodwill doesn't have anything that will work, she recommended building your own large frame with 1'"x 2” boards from a home improvement store.

She purchased her black and white striped fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and made sure to use a 70% off coupon, making it a bargain. She recommends using a thicker fabric as it will stay more taut (aka stretched / pull-tight). The fabric she chose was an indoor/outdoor fabric.

Stretch your chosen fabric around your wood frame and use a staple gun to secure it to the back. 

Moving on to the KISS letters, Mara grabbed these at Michaels and used a 20% off the entire purchase coupon to keep costs down. She spray painted them a bright pink. Once they were dry, she laid out the letters to the desired height on the fabric and staples ribbon from the back of the letter, over the top, and then to the back of the frame to secure them.

Paired with a fun fringe banner hanging over the top, it was the perfect drink station backdrop!


Drink Tray + Wine Signs 

What's a ladies night without some fun beverages? Mara served red and white wine and made these adorable signs that she put in gold frames she had to display by each type of wine. You can download all of the party signs by clicking here.


She displayed the wine glasses on another Goodwill find -- a serving tray that she also spray painted the same pink color as the KISS letters. To keep the concrete finish of the bottom of the tray intact, she covered it with printer paper and masking tape before spray painting. When the paint is dry, remove the paper.


For a non-alcoholic option, she offered an assortment of sparkling waters.


Photo Ribbon Frame

One of the important parts of the party is showing off some of the colors and explaining how to apply the lipstick properly on your lips! Leading up to the party Mara and her Lipsense consultant posted fun images on the Facebook event page. To pull this offline and have them on display for the party, Mara put another old Goodwill frame to good use.

What You Need 

  • Old frame

  • Ribbon

  • Staple Gun

  • Spray Paint

  • Mini-clothespins

This fun display idea could come in handy for so many occasions! Here, Mara spray painted the thrifted frame using the same pink color she used for the letters and the serving tray. Using ribbon from the craft store, she measured and marked the desired spacing between ribbons on the back of the frame on each side.


Next, she took the cut strips of ribbon and used the staple gun to secure them to the frame. Once this was done, she hung the images she printed on the board with mini-clothespins. You can pick mini-clothespins up at your local craft store, but I've seen them at bargain prices in the Walmart craft section or at some Dollar Tree locations.


To finish off this area, Mara added a mirror for guests to check out different colors. As a thank you to her guests, anyone who ordered also got a fun lip exfoliator!


All of  the tablecloths and runners were purchased from Mara's pro tip when creating tables is to layer different runners to add texture and interest to any space. And, don't forgot the food! All that will be left is having a great time!