Simply Stamped: DIY Boutonniere Tags

Tags (1).jpg

If you are a DIY bride (or lovingly helping a DIY bride), at some point during the process, you might start to wonder if you've bitten off more than you can chew. There were a few times during the wedding planning process when I thought I didn't have one more craft project in me. I thought I'd never say that! 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with projects, first, acknowledge that planning a wedding is a lot! It's okay to get a little burned out and you should absolutely take breaks. Plan date nights with your fiancé where wedding planning is a banned topic! Block a weekend to do non-wedding related things that are a stress reliever for you. This will help you reset and refresh!

When the time comes to tackle another project, start with something small and easy to tackle. This DIY is just that: small and easy! I've said it before and I'll say it again, not all projects have to be hard and time consuming.

During some of the many hours I spent on Pinterest wedding dreaming, I saw all kinds of beautiful detail shots of boutonnieres with tags attached. I thought that was a great way to personalize them a little bit and get a detail photo of them. While you can certainly buy tags or have a calligrapher do them, I decided I could make them with the typography stamps I used to make my DIY Bridesmaid Hangers

What You Need

  • Black Stamp Pad (available on Amazon or at Michaels (I used a coupon to get mine for 50% off!)

  • Alphabet Stamp Set ($4.99 at Michaels and, again, I used a coupon to get the set for less)

  •  Shipping Tags (available in a variety of quantities from Amazon

As a part of my DIY invitations project, I purchased a box of 1000 shipping tags from Amazon for $10. It looks like the price has gone up a bit since then ($15). You can also find these tags cheaper in smaller quantities online or at office supply stores. Craft stores also carry other kinds of pre-cut tags if the shipping tags don't quite fit the aesthetic of your wedding.

 Once you have your supplies, this project is pretty straightforward. I stamped the names of the groomsmen, the ushers, our dads, and other special guests who would be wearing a boutonniere. It took me a few tags to get into a rhythm with how to hold the stamp and how much pressure to apply to avoid any smearing of the ink. Once you get that down, you'll be on a roll. 

Here they are all laid out on the big day!